Friday, 1 March 2013

We're having a wee rest...

After almost three years, this blog (along with @cuthillpark Twitter) is going to take a wee rest until someone else can take over it.

That's not to say there isn't anything happening with the Friends of Cuthill Park though!

  • The gorgeous railings made by Ratho Forge have been installed in the newly-lowered boundary wall on Prestongrange Road.
  •  Neighouring Prestongrange and Cuthill Tenants and Residents Group have been successful in securing £80,000 of funding for a play park (well done!) so we should liaise with them to ensure there is no duplication in equipment in Cuthill Park.
  •  Don't worry if there doesn't seem to be much happening - as a designated QEII Field, the site is protected from unwanted developments.
  • We've had a very positive meeting with Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust who have been incredibly helpful (Thanks Rob, Liz and Liz!) in helping us solve some our trickier problems (storage, security, water, shelter) and to draw up a plan for the Community Garden along with a zoning plan for the entire park.

Next step: sourcing a shipping container or site hut!