Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fruitful Discussions

At Thursday evening's Friends of Cuthill Park meeting we agreed a couple of work-in dates:

Saturday 18th September: 1-6p.m.
Site clearance
Removal of weeds, debris and dumped rubbish from the northern corner of the park.

Sunday 19th September: tbc
A second day of clearance, if necessary.
(This is also Speak Like a Pirate Day which be fun!)
Saturday 2nd October: 2pm onwards
The Big Bulb Plant
A day of planting 1,000 purple crocuses, kindly gifted to us by Longniddry & District Rotary Club (see here for more information).
Saturday 30th October: 2pm onwards
Any outstanding jobs, building raised beds etc.

We are also going to be busy in November  planting the 150 trees in the Woodland Trust 'Jams, jellies, chutneys & cordials' pack which will be used to create an edible hedgerow along the western perimeter fence.

We need LOADS of help to bring the plans for a community garden to fruition.  Please consider coming along to some of our work days.  It'll be fun!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Friends of Cuthill Park Meeting - Thursday 26th August @ 7p.m.

The Friends group is small and friendly and you are assured of a warm welcome.

We meet on an ad hoc basis in the Prestoungrange Gothenburg a.k.a. The Goth, Prestonpans High Street.

We've lots to discuss at the meeting including the way forward with the community garden and some of the exciting events taking place in Cuthill Park.  We would love to have your input so why not come along?!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Portobello Community Growing Space - an inspiration

At the Portobello Food Fair there was a wealth of information about community gardening, composting, knitting your own vegetables (yes really) but when it comes down to it, there's nothing like getting your wellies dirty yourself and learning by experience....

...which is something the gardeners at Porty Community Growing Space know all about.

The change to the Portobello Town Hall site in just over a year is astounding.  It's been a learning curve for all involved,  not least getting the Council on board, getting a bank account set up and having to deal with practical issues such as getting water on site.  So what would they do differently?

"Nothing" comes the reply.  "The key to the success of the project was getting the right people involved - people who would commit to the project in the longer term".

It's that sort of commitment we need to secure the future of a similar project in Cuthill Park!
MAY 2009
August 2010

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Focus on a Crocus!

This year’s Big Bulb Plant in Cuthill Park (Saturday 2 October) is going to be even BIGGER, thanks to Longniddry & District Rotary Club, who have kindly offered to donate one thousand purple crocuses!

Hopefully the crocuses will be in bloom on Rotary Day, 23 February 2011 as a reminder of the amazing work the Rotarions do to eradicate Polio worldwide (the purple flowers represent the colour of ink dabbed on a child’s little finger to indicate they have been immunised against the disease).

Read more about Focus On The Crocus and http://www.thanksforlife.org.

Please help us mark this vital work with a blaze of purple colour next springtime!