Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Shed Load of Timber.

More work was achieved at the weekend, with lots of weeds cleared from the area and the ground which was cleared by the digger being raked and covered.

The painting of the boards was begun by eager young volunteers;

and today the final load of timber was delivered;

so now we really do have a shed load of timber!

So, who knows how to build raised beds?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

An update!

So much has happened since we last reported on our progress - here's a brief account of all that has been achieved:

The stone wall separating the park from Prestongrange Road has been lowered and the new (and beautiful!) railings are in place, allowing passers-by to see into the park.

A metal storage container has been purchased and is now installed in the community garden.

Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust have provided funds and contacts to assist in planning & landscaping the community garden. A plan has been drawn up, and the first stages of development are under way.

Weather adversely affected all our plans for work days until very recently - consequently there has been (& continues to be) a battle with nettles, dock leaves etc. The fruit trees around the perimeter are now in desperate need of attention - hopefully we will be able to take care of them this weekend.

We have hired a man with a digger to clear the area that will become the raised beds, & now we just need to remove vast quantities of nettle roots, & put membrane down before starting on our raised beds.   

All set for Saturday's work day :)
Let's pray for good weather so we can get lots done!