Sunday, 31 May 2015

Murals - Day 2

And here's how the murals looked at the end of a rather wet & windy day two:

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mural Festival - Day 1

With just a few hours of painting left on day one, here's how the murals are looking.
Tom Ewing & community members: 

Ken Wilson:

Paul Dalrymple: 

Zoe Inglis: 

And while our artists were busy, we had a nature detective trail, which proved popular, and a bug hunt:

And the children organised their own impromptu sack races: 

We still have wildflower seeds to give away, & pavement chalk available for anyone to use in the park tomorrow. 

Please come along & join us! If you're out watching the marathon why not pop into Cuthill Park for a visit? 

The murals are under way!

A beautiful sunny morning here in the park, and our artists are just beginning their work.

Tom Ewing begins the community mural - come along today or tomorrow to add your own piece of artwork to this: 

And Ken Wilson is off to a cracking start: 

With Paul Dalrymple and Zoe Inglis just starting:

Come and watch as things progress over the weekend. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Activities for everyone ...

Today (Saturday), 1-3pm in Cuthill Park - various activities for everyone to join in! 

Go bug hunting, colour a mask, make your own moth, try the Nature Detectives' challenge, help with the community mural ... 

Or try your hand at some pavement art: 

Or enter our competition to create a face from as many different natural materials as possible: 

And more!

Try building your own twig tower. How high can you build? How much weight can it hold? 

Did you know you can use the sap from dandelions as invisible ink? Write a secret message! 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mural Festival This Weekend!

This weekend, 11-6pm Saturday & Sunday, Cuthill Park will host the Mural Festival, as part of the 3 Harbours Art Festival. 
Four artists are competing to create a prize-winning mural based on the theme of Biodiversity. Tom Ewing (one of our well known local artists) will be creating a fifth mural with the help of anyone & everyone who would like to join in. 

There will be some nature-related activities for children/families to take part in, free of charge, between 1-3pm on the Saturday only. We have a box of goodies from Fields in Trust which we will be using - some to give away to enthusiastic young gardeners and environmentalists. 

So, come along & join us to celebrate art, nature, and community in our beautiful park - & while you're at it, feel free to add a bee, butterfly, flower, cloud - or whatever your imagination can link to biodiversity - on our community mural. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Working in the Sunshine.

Today was a beautiful day for gardeningšŸ˜Š

Look how great the newly covered paths look (thanks to various children & Elders Hornberger & Erickson): 

And Josie dug a whole bed all by herself. Go Josie! 

And the corner full of nettles has been reclaimed - thank you Emma! 

And another bed frame was built & placed & a few others repaired, thanks to Matthew: 

And the container has been cleared out & reorganised, too (sorry, no photo - it's not as pretty as the rest of the garden!). We did rediscover sports equipment & a road mat though: 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Work done :)

Another successful day at the community garden.

Path weeding: 

More path weeding:

Bark tipping: 

Bark now surrounding the bench: 

Trying to sink the new raised bed frame into the soil: 

3 raised bed frames built: 

More bark moving:

Looking good - now we need to fill the new beds with soil & surround them with bark ... 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Community gardening

Things are growing well down at the community garden around the corner in Cuthill Park. 
The raised beds are looking great:

The crab apple tree that was rescued has settled in and is blossoming beautifully: 

The apple trees are looking beautiful too:
And attracting the insects:

But, as you can see, the area below still really needs a lot of work! All hands on deck this Saturday, 11-1pm! (Weather permitting.) 

We even have a bench if you just want to come & watch & give us some moral support :)