Sunday, 16 May 2010

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Irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after
their pet targeted in new campaign

East Lothian Council has launched a new
hard-hitting public awareness campaign aimed at reducing the problem of
dog fouling across the county. Dogwatch reminds dog owners of the
consequences of not cleaning up after their pets. Many owners are still
not picking up their pet's waste and instead leave behind piles of
unsightly and potentially dangerous mess.

Community Services spokesperson Cllr Paul McLennan, said:  

"Dog fouling is one of the top complaints received by the council.
Dog excrement not only looks disgusting but can also seriously affect
people's health. We have had a number of posters designed which carry a
clear message both in words and graphics that dog fouling is
unacceptable. Some people may find the imagery and words too strong but
we believe that this approach will shock people into modifying their
behaviour. It's not anti-dog but about responsible ownership and keeping
streets and parks clean and safe places for people, particularly
children, to enjoy.

Young children are most at risk to potential health problems
associated with dog faeces as irresponsible dog owners are failing to
clean up when walking their dog in public parks, play areas and on
beaches. Part of the council's new campaign is the introduction of a
neighbourhood awareness scheme. People who are plagued with dog fouling
in their street or local park can contact the council via a dedicated email
or telephone 01875 824305 and pass on their complaints.
Wardens can then go out to problem areas to advise dog walkers of their

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