Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pictures from the Big Lunch 2010

The first ever Big Lunch in Cuthill Park was a great success.

The weather was great right up until 4 o'clock when the rain came on.

East Coast FM staff and their families provided brilliant music for us and reportedly had a great 'team-building' game of rounders!

More sedate entertainment was provided by East Lothian Museums service who were on hand, in the shape of Debi and Julie Anne, to give a flavour of the type of fun that can be had at Prestongrange Museum.  We hope this can be the start of lots of joint iniatives with East Lothian Council.

The bigger kids were rounded up by author Annemarie Allan who thrilled them with tales of scary creatures set in magical forests!

And of course there was entertainment of the homegrown variety with guitars and frisbees and....running!  Lots of running.  Remember, there aren't any swings or other types of play equipment in the park, but there are lots of curves, slopes and rabbit holes which kept the kids happy for hours.

Notes for next time:
Everyone that was there came as a result of  having heard about the event from a handful of core volunteers/activists/supporters - proof that word of mouth works.  But why did the extensive advertising not attract a single person???  Are people simply community-minded or not?  Are they so disenfranchised from their communities that they no longer see this sort of event as being for them?  All questions to be answered another time...

People stayed in their own wee groups and there wasn't too much mingling but it was the first time anything like this has been tried.  Perhaps next time we'll have a mass conga or hokey cokey to break down a few barriers!

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