Friday, 29 April 2011

The 2011 Big Lunch - you're invited!

The Big Lunch inspired an estimated one million people to have lunch with their neighbours across the UK last year - including over two hundred who picnicked, partied and played together in Cuthill Park. 

The 2011 Big Lunch on Sunday 5 June (12-2 pm) coincides with the 3 Harbours Arts Festival and Mural Fest - what better chance to join in the al fresco fun? 

Enjoy an outdoor lunch in the company of friends, neighbours and community groups. Bring your own picnic, something to sit on, and entertainment. You’ll enjoy it. Really. Food, music and laughter tastes, sounds and feels better with others.

The trouble is we’re all human and deep down we’re often shy. It’s not easy making small talk. It takes courage to stop being a stranger. But once you do, you’ll realise how many good, talented and interesting people there are in
your neighbourhood who all feel the same way you do. Those who took part last year know that on the day, those inhibitions soon disappear in a game of Twister.

Six more reasons to get stuck in
  1. To stoke up community spirit – we call it Human Warming. 
  2. To make the third of us who live alone feel happier, closer and...friendlier. 
  3. To show how local people can change a neighbourhood for good, forever. 
  4. To conquer our natural shyness, to open our curtains, doors and minds and look out for one another the way we used to.
  5. To share stories, skills and tools, so we all end up richer in every sense. 
  6. To discover common ground across age, class, faith, race and the garden fence, and to remind ourselves that charity begins at home, or at most, a couple of doors away.
If you want to register on the Big Lunch website that would be great, but feel free just to turn up on the day.  If you want to organise something, perform or promote your organisation that's fine too - just remember the emphasis is on Free, Community and the Environment and let us know your plans.

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