Saturday, 19 January 2013

A plan...

Shown below is a plan suggested by East Lothian Council for improving Cuthill Park. 

The Friends have been discussing this and we would love to hear your views.

The main points to bear in mind are:
  • nothing is set in stone
  • no commitments have been made, and,
  • the Friends would need to raise funds for much of the works

Our initial thoughts were:
  • Allotments - prefer fewer, say 6, less uniform, more higgledy-piggledgy.  There were some concerns that the first view of the park would be an untidy row of allotments (but on a site visit yesterday, more on which later, these concerns proved unfounded).
  • Avenue of trees - doesn't really fit in with the character of the park and could interfere with Muralfest and Prestongrange Bowling Club.
  • Play Area - wrong area.  We would wish to preserve this space to make most of the surrounding amphitheatre
  • Seating - we would love to have seating, preferable to make the most of the wonderful views across the Forth but also close to where the Play Area will be sited.
Over to you....

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