Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Work done!

What a fantastic work day we had a few weeks ago! 
Our thanks go to the great team of Co-operative store managers who came & helped, to the six LDS missionaries who also lent a hand enthusiastically, and to East Lothian Council who willingly & cheerfully supplied bark & soil.

To begin with it looked like this: 

We managed to strim & then lay ground cover fabric (again - the previous lot having mysteriously disappeared...) 

The container was painted. (Thank you sister missionaries :) )
(& Gerry :) )

The council were super-helpful, delivering soil & bark, which kept some of us busy.

Bark was laid on the paths & around the edges. 

Raised vegetable beds were built ...

... And the filling of them was begun.

And much weeding was accomplished.

Gerry, our very own Co-op manager :)

All in sunshine & warmth! 
Thank you to everyone who came & helped - it is looking fabulous!

And we have a CCTV camera in place now too :)

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  1. It is looking FABULOUS - love the green used on the shipping container.