Friday, 13 June 2014

Civic Pride Funding

We are delighted to announce that The Friends of Cuthill Park have been successful in their bid for Civic Pride funding from East Lothian Council.

Our application was to support a project to encourage visitors to stay longer in the park, make return visits and explore the area further.

To meet these objectives we plan to:
  • Install a weatherproof, lockable post-mounted noticeboard displaying park information
  • Site a free-to-use telescope at a vantage point within the park.
  • Create a woodland nature trail with minibeast exploration zone, native woodland planting and family picnic areas
  • Purchase a key Store
  • Purchase a windsock
We chose these items based on the responses received from the survey, and also the needs of the community groups using the park, while being careful not to duplicate anything in the design brief for play/fitness equipment and within the constraints of the limited (<£5k) funds available.

In particular, we were mindful of these comments received:
It would be nice to have an area that can be used by all ages and for a variety of purposes. That offers something that doesn't already exist elsewhere in Prestonpans.”

wasn't sure if it was a public park or not”.

its a beautiful park and think it should be enticing to all especially for picnics etc”

Benefits it will bring to the local environment

In general terms, the longer time people spend in the park, the less opportunities there are for vandalism, anti-social behaviour and dog fouling. In turn, this will encourage people to visit the park who have not previously done so.

These additional facilities will enhance the natural setting and biodiversity of the park, improve the visitor experience and firmly establish Cuthill Park as a public park to be proud of.

Specifically, the addition of a quality noticeboard at the entrance to the park will give the park a much-needed sense of identity and emphasises that the park is a vibrant and valued place within the community.

The siting of a telescope celebrates the unique features of the park while making the most of the beautiful views across the Forth and instills a greater appreciation for the area. Additionally a telescope offers potential for nature watching and star gazing and reaffirms Cuthill Park as a destination unlike any other in the area.

The creation of woodland nature trail will greatly improve a currently under-utilised area, increase biodiversity in the park and foster a greater respect and understanding of the flora and fauna of the park.

The purchase of a key store will allow community groups to use the storage container and other secure areas (e.g. Noticeboard) without the need for key-holders to be present or to have multiple sets of keys cut. This also has the benefit of being many groups being able to share equipment rather than transport it to the park.

The purchase of a wind sock (to be stored in container and brought out on work days) will be a visual reminder that work is taking place in the community garden, can act as a landmark and meeting point and encourage people to venture further into the park.

This is a very exciting time for Cuthill Park and we would greatly appreciate help in progressing our plans.  

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