Friday, 7 October 2016

Wild Garden Box

We would love the park to be bursting with wildlife so were delighted to learn that the Wild Garden Company are sending us their Autumn box - one of four seasonal boxes which are sent throughout the year to subscribers and packed with wildlife-attracting goodies!

So, what's in the box?!

Help For The Little Ones

Help For The Little Ones

Specially drilled wooden tubes to provide shelter for bees and other insects.
Also included is some ladybird attractant.

Help For Our Prickly Little Park Visitor... 

Hedgehogs usually hibernate from November - March and they must have enough fat reserves to survive this period.
The autumn box contains plenty of hedgehog food and treats to build them up for this critical time of year.

Keeping Our Feathered Friends Full

Keeping Our Feathered Friends Full

Autumn is a time of plenty for birds. However as we move closer to winter and reserves become low they will soon appear closer to home.
Over the next few months, you may notice feeders appearing in the Wildlife Learning Zone.  By keeping these stocked with seed and treats, passing birds will know where to find their next meal.

Thank you Wild Garden Company!

(If you would like to encourage wildlife into your garden, you can subscribe to The Wild Garden Box.  You can even get your first box for just £14.99 with FREE delivery when you enter the coupon code WGB50 at the checkout.)

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