Tuesday, 13 May 2014

From Pest....to Pesto!

As previously mentioned, the community garden is overrun with garlic mustard Alliaria petiolata, more commonly known as Garlic Mustard (and also  Jack-by-the-hedge, Hedge Garlic and Poor Man's Mustard amongst others). 

You can recognize garlic mustard by its toothed, heart-shaped leaves and white flowers. When you crush the leaves, they smell like garlic.

While it's nice for the orange tip butterflies (garlic mustard is the main food source of the larvae), it's not so nice for the native plants that are being bullied out by this highly invasive species.

The Friends of Cuthill Park will have to make weeding of this pest a priority but it won't be easy as it ready self-seeds and seeds are easily spread on clothing and by animals.

On the positive side, Garlic mustard is edible and highly nutrious so we were delighted to discover this recipe book From Pest to Pesto.  Click the link to open a PDF.

Do feel free to help yourself!

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