Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ship Shape Work Day

The weather forecast was miserable for May's work day but the showers didn't put off our seven volunteers who decanted the cockle shells from the two tonne bags and wheeled them to the community garden to form a ship shape.

Our new upright barrows were bought from Lidl with vouchers they gave us and proved invaluable today.  We also used them to transport loads of weeds to the compost area. 

Parts of the garden are overrun with dock and garlic mustard - both very invasive.

However, garlic mustard is highly nutritious and much loved by foragers who eat most of the plant, including the spicy tap roots - see Garlic Mustard Pesto recipe here).
We carefully weeded in between the apple trees, minding out for the newly planted strawberries and sunflower seeds.  The brightly coloured stems of the chard look magnificent alongside the fennel fronds and the aquilegia.

While we worked, a blue tit ventured in and out of one of the nesting boxes and there were a few orange tip butterflies (who feed on the garlic mustard).

Despite the drizzle, it was a pleasant day with lots of chat and some laughs along the way.  And of course, the moment we packed away our tools and locked up, the sun came out!  Thank you Celia, Felix, Jan, Josie, Louis, Martin, Rachel and Jazz the dog.

Join us next time, Saturday 14 June, between 11 and 1.

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