Tuesday, 14 December 2010

National Gathering to Celebrate a Fruitful Scotland

An invitation to attend the Scottish Orchards’ East Coast/Edinburgh Gathering - and see what you can do to create a Fruitful Scotland on Friday 14th and  Saturday 15th January 2011.

WHERE:  Edinburgh University, 5 Forrest Hill, EH1 2QL.  http://bit.ly/hDyVlR

COST:  Free (donations welcome!)

WHEN: Friday 14th and  Saturday 15th January 2011. 12 - 4pm (soup lunch provided)

The event on Friday 14th is aimed more at agency, council,
Government people, designers, planners architects, developers and decision makers. This will address how orchards and fruit growing can fit into the urban fabric and address the growing desire by people to grow food locally.

The event on Saturday 15th is a more relaxed day aimed more at community groups and individuals and will have a skills training element and a strong networking focus. This would interest community groups, teachers, individuals, young and old, keen to create a Fruitful Scotland.

Booking forms can be downloaded at www.scottishorchards.com

Contact John Hancox, for details 0778 606 3918 email john@commonwealthorchard.com


A Central Scotland Orchard

As part of creating a Fruitful Scotland, Scottish Orchards applied successfully to the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund provided by FCS - to carry out a series of training, networking and support events, to help people to plant, prune, graft and maintain local orchards. 

Our vision is planting orchards for the 21st Century, close to where people live, work, or study.

A Fruitful Gathering

As a wide range of schools, community groups, community
gardens and allotments, local authorities and businesses all have a role in creating orchards - we are keen to get a wide variety of voices contributing to both days so if you’d like to present let us know - and also there will be plenty of networking and space to display information on projects.

A Fruitful Scotland

Scottish Orchards aims to create a Fruitful Scotland with fruit trees growing in every street, planted and looked after by local people and shared by the whole community.

Fruitful Schools (www.fruitfulschools.com)

We would also like to highlight this Scottish Government funded scheme to encourage schools to grow their own food. 

We have schools across Scotland keen to plant and need help to make it happen.

Friday, 3 December 2010


One of the many wonderful things about Cuthill Park is its slopes and views across the Forth.  
*  ❄     * ❄             ❄ .     *  ❄    * .  ❄    ❄     ❄     * ❄            ❄ .     *  ❄   * .  ❄    ❄        *        ❄ *  ❄ 

This week, with all the schools in East Lothian being closed, the park was full of families sledging and enjoying the snow.

<<< At least one famous person was seen to be having fun away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

If you haven't made a snowman, had a snowfight or been sledging yet, get down to Cuthill Park before the big thaw!

*  ❄     * ❄             ❄ .     *  ❄    * .  ❄    ❄     ❄     * ❄            ❄ .     *  ❄   * .  ❄    ❄        *        ❄ *  ❄