Wednesday, 1 March 2017

If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...'re sure of a big surprise!

As we reported back in December, we have been awarded £12,000 through Tesco/Groundwork's Bags of Help scheme. 

Robin Wood of Wildchild Designs has been commissioned to carve a storytelling bench, seat and an entrance way.

Today, was a pretty exciting milestone for the Woodland Learning Zone as installation began on the entrance way!

It's going to look spectactular!

Also being installed today was the Phoenix Storytelling throne.

The storytelling bench and one extra artwork is being installed tomorrow.   Robin has been very mysterious about the fourth piece but we think fairies are involved...

There will be an official 'Earth Day' opening on Saturday 22nd April on the  themes of adventure, learning and John Muir. We really hope you can join us between 12 and 2!