Saturday, 20 July 2013

Heat wave!

We had another work day today, with more weeding, planting & painting, & some building of raised beds. We have realised we really need to get a water source organised, as keeping our seedlings alive in this hot weather is rather too labour intensive at the moment! And also a power source would be useful while building the raised beds, so that we can use power tools & take a tenth of the time hand tools are ... 
The Community Police have been contacted a number of times recently after youths starting a fire & causing some damage by the garden & lots of litter being left around. If anyone has free time to wander over & just be a visible presence there at any time, please do so, as the more visible we are the more we will deter this kind of behaviour.
Melted tent. Thank you to East Lothian council for clearing this up.

Josie painting & glowing :) and Jen, our newest volunteer, painting more boards. 

Local Mormon missionaries lending a hand.

Carole trying to plant bulbs before baby Eve eats them :/

Lots of work going on. (Matthew, in the foreground, wishing there was an electric socket somewhere, instead of just a screwdriver.)

Not getting very far with raised bed building, in spite of willing assistants.

Thank you to Celia for the photos :)