Friday, 6 January 2017

Woodland Learning Day!

Robin Wood, of Wildchild Designs, talked us through the process of making the storytelling bench for our Woodland Learning Zone at his workshop near Stenton in East Lothian.

The greatly simplified version: A 20 foot oak log was split with a chainsaw and the sapwood removed.

The remaining timber was cut into four sections to form a long, curving bench.

An interlapping fish design was drawn in pencil and then a relief carving was made using a router.

It is important that no water is allowed to pool on the bench so the edges need to slope away. 

The huge bench is going to look amazing!!!!

Robin has also started work on the entrance feature that will mark the start of the woodland trail.  

The sign bears the famous John Muir quotation "The Power of Imagination Makes us Infinite".  Below the writing is a seascape with boats and sea creatures (monsters?).  Above the text are planets and spaceships - plenty to spark the imagination for any storytellers!

We also got to paint the lettering on the entrance sign which will probably be one of the first pieces to be installed in the Woodland Learning Zone. 

Thank you Robin for a fascinating insight to your work. We can't wait to see the finished items!

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